Enter Media Publishing
Your Partner In Evaluating Copyrights

Enter Media Publishing is an independent full service provider for professional musical copyright tracking and administration. That means:

  • Individual services exactly fitting your needs
  • Full administration of your royalties and licence fees
  • Active promotion of your music in broadcasting, movies, advertizing, and events
  • Score printing
  • Consulting services for record lables, movie and tv companies, and the advertizing branch, supporting them with a variety of composers and artists
  • Absolute familiarity with the local markets

Our range of services allows us to offer services especially for

  • Musicians & composers
  • Movies, TV, and Advertizing
  • Record labels

We are in close contact to the international collecting societies, doing your regular accounting exactly the way you need it. Our catalogue and our knowledge of local markets with their specific conditions enables us to find the composer you need.